Project Documents

The Renewable Energy Approval process requires that the applicant assesses the Project area to ensure the Project is developed in a responsible way that minimizes any impacts to the environment and does not cause harm to human health. The results of these assessments are outlined in the reports below.

Project summary Reports

These reports provide a summary of the Project activities, including construction, operations, and decommissioning of the Project. Click here to download all Project Summary Reports. 

Environmental Reports

These reports consider the natural heritage, cultural heritage, and archaeological resources in the Project Area. Please note these files are large and may be divided into parts to improve accessibility.

Technical Reports

These reports outline technical details regarding turbine design and noise.

Public Notices

Additional Project Materials

LRP I Archive

The Strong Breeze Wind Project was required to complete a separate process in support of the IESO LRP I. For a record of these efforts, please click here.